Quinton van der Burgh, Q Global Commodities

Quinton van der Burgh is one of South Africa’s leading mining investors and entrepreneurs. His investment firm, Q Global Commodities, is one of Africa’s largest privately-owned commodity, logistics and investment houses, which has just taken a stake in NEO Energy Metals, the London-listed uranium miner.

He enjoys a pretty glamorous, jet-set lifestyle – but it wasn't always this way. Quinton was brought up in a tough mining town near Johannesburg, where he worked long weekend hours during in his father's small chain of supermarkets. 

Episode 8 of the All Points West Podcast hears how Quinton was kicked out of school several times for selling stickers to schoolmates, and how that entrepreneurial spirit, mixed with hard work and a good eye for detail has helped him reach the top.

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Quinton van der Burgh, Q Global Commodities
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