Stefan Bernstein, CEO, GreenRoc Mining plc

The heartbeat of our economy comes from the many thousands of small and medium sized companies in every community across Great Britain. The collective market value of UK-listed small and medium sized businesses is nearly £400bn. 
Despite their importance to the health of the British economy, these smaller businesses rarely get the attention or credit they deserve.

Former Sunday Times business journalist, Karl West, will shine a light on the issues, triumphs and tribulations faced by the entrepreneurs and management teams in the SME space in the All Points West podcast. We’ll also learn more about how these leaders got their start and the stories behind their success.
Karl kicks off the first season of the All Points West podcast with Stefan Bernstein, CEO of Greenland-based graphite exploration company, GreenRoc Mining. Stefan has extensive natural resources experience and a passion for the country. Find out more about the company's unique Amitsoq graphite project, and why Stefan is uniquely positioned to guide GreenRoc into production. 

Nothing in this podcast is intended as investment advice and the people in this podcast may hold positions in the stocks they talk about. Do not buy anything based solely on a tip or recommendation. Please do your own research. 
Stefan Bernstein, CEO, GreenRoc Mining plc
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