Eric Topham, CEO of OctaiPipe, talks Edge Systems and AI's Growing Potential

Can we trust Artificial Intelligence?

Recently,, a leading edge computing chip firm, secured $70 million in funding, with significant backing from Dell, underscoring the growing investment in AI and edge computing technologies. While AI chatbots continue to evolve at an accelerated pace, advancements in algorithms are driving faster performance, shaping how we interact with technology. At OcaiPipe, Eric Topham and his team are committed to delivering trustworthy AI solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Eric Topham is a 'sporty geek' who is operating at the cutting edge of the high tech world of AI and edge computing. The founder and chief executive of OctaiPipe, the start up British tech firm, has developed a platform that aims to protect critical infrastructure, such as power plants, by putting AI right at the heart of connected devices. He is super smart, with a PhD from Oxford University, but has a laid back 'work to live' ethos, inherited from his parents.

Episode 16 of the All Points West Podcast hears why the adventurous divemaster has, so far, eschewed the well trodden 'tech bro' path to Silicon Valley and why he believes AI presents more potential opportunities than risks. 

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Eric Topham, CEO of OctaiPipe, talks Edge Systems and AI's Growing Potential
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